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#1 Record/Radio City

Number of discs: 1
Model: 5317457
PartNumber: 888072314573
They didn't sell a lick when they were released, but over the years the two albums by Alex Chilton's post-Box Tops band Big Star have taken on almost a mythical quality, cited by power-popsters (a power pop zine, Mod Lang, is named after one of their songs) and indie-rockers (think R.E.M especially) as hugely influential. Now, Fantasy is reissuing these two American rock classics on one newly remastered CD, with the rare bonus tracks In the Street (single mix) and O My Soul (single edit) to boot! Contains a contender for greatest rock and roll song ever written, September Gurls .

(as of 12/31/1999 8:00 PM EST - details)

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