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Parents' Choice Award

The Parents' Choice Award is an award presented by the non-profit Parents' Choice Foundation to recognize "the very best products for children of different ages and backgrounds, and of varied skill and interest levels." It is considered a "prestigious" award among children's products,and has been described as the industry equivalent of an Academy Award. Awards are given out in the following categories: audio, books, DVD, magazines, computer software, television, toys, and video games.

The awards are determined by a committee of educators, scientists, performing artists, librarians, parents and children. Approximately 20% of those items submitted to the Parents’ Choice Awards™ program receive a commendation in one of the six award levels: Classic, Gold, Silver, Recommended, Approved, and Fun Stuff

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Your Friend in Fashion, Abby Shapiro

PartNumber: Illustrated
Deeply affecting and laugh-out-loud funny, this coming-of-age novel captures the temper of the times and introduces readers to an unforgettable young heroine.
The lightbulb of good ideas is burning bright for eleven-year-old Abby Shapiro. As personal fashion designer for Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, Possible Future First Lady of the United States, she ll become famous and earn enough money to buy both a Barbie doll and a bra. Abby decides to get in touch immediately. In her letters to Jackie, she shares her wry, insightful observations along with her drawings and fashion tips. The letters help Abby through a tumultuous year in which her father abandons the family, her gangster uncle falls in love, her beloved aunt suffers a stroke, and her relationship with her mother goes from bad to worse. This book is based in part on the author s childhood and is illustrated with paper dolls she made when she was Abby s age.

Your Moon, My Moon

Ages: All Ages

Your New Kitty

Ages: 6 - 11 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: Macomber Productions
Amzon Product Link: Your New Kitty

Your World: Start Here!

Ages: 6 & Up
Publisher/Producer: innovativeKids
Amzon Product Link: Your World: Start Here!

You're a Bad Man, Mr. Gum!

Ages: 2 - 11 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: HarperAudio

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Number of discs: 1
Run Time: 47 minutes
Model: 25121192
PartNumber: 9603848

You're Always Welcome: Look, Listen, Learn

Ages: 5 - 8 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: Values Through Music Productions, Inc.

You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Ballet Party

Number of discs: 1
Rated: NR (Not Rated)

You're Not My Best Friend Anymore

PartNumber: 9780803715592
Molly and Ben have always done everything together--they even celebrate their birthdays with one big party. But when they have a disagreement over how they should spend money they have saved together, it looks like the party's over! Fortunately both come to see that whereas they are willing to give up on what they wanted to buy, they are not willing to give up on being best friends.... Charlotte Pomerantz's touching story paired with David Soman's expressive art is sure to offer comfort to all young readers who are learning about the ups and downs--as well as the true meaning--of friendship. Charlotte Pomerantz is the author of many highly acclaimed children's books, including The Chalk Doll, illustrated by Fran Lessac. David Soman's art has been praised by School Library Journal for creat[ing] a ss the wide plains and for one last spectacular run before guiding them into the corral. Bob's job is done, but he dreams of galloping with Warrior forever--to where the sky and land meet. This splendid collaboration by an award-winning team captures the beauty and harshness of the frontier, a boundless arena for the struggle between freedom and survival. Based on accounts of Bob Lemmons, a former slave, Black Cowboy, Wild Horses has been rewritten as a picture book by Julius Lester from his story The Man Who Was a Horse in Long Journey Home, first published by Dial in 1972.

You're on Your Way, Teddy Roosevelt

Ages: 5 - 12 yrs.
Author: Judith St. George
Publisher/Producer: Penguin Putnam Inc./ Philomel
ISBN: 0-399-23888-3
Amzon Product Link: You're on Your Way, Teddy Roosevelt

Yours for Justice, Ida B. Wells

Ages: 10 - 14 yrs.
Author: Phillip Dray
Publisher/Producer: Peachtree Publishers, LTD
ISBN: 978-1-56145-417-4
Amzon Product Link: Yours for Justice, Ida B. Wells

Youth Voices

Ages: 11 - 18 yrs.
Author: Bel Mooney
Publisher/Producer: Maine PBS

Youthealth Health Beats- Body Parts

Ages: 10 - 13 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: Liquid Animation Pty. Ltd.

Youthline USA

Ages: 8 - 14 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: Youthline USA

Yuck! Science Kit

Ages: 8 & Up
Publisher/Producer: Be Amazing!
Amzon Product Link: Yuck! Science Kit

Yummy In My Tummy

Ages: 2 - 11 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: Liandrea Productions Inc.
Amzon Product Link: Yummy In My Tummy

Z Games

Ages: 9 - 14 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: Disney Channel/Highland Productions

Zach's Ultimate Guide

Ages: 8 - 12 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: Discovery Networks
Network: Discovery Kids

Zany Brainy 24 Game Math Club Kit-Grade 2

Ages: 6 - 8 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: Suntex International, Inc.

Zany Brainy 24 Game Math Club Kit-Grade 3

Ages: 7 - 9 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: Suntex International, Inc.

Zany Brainy 24 Game Math Club Kit-Grade 4

Ages: 8 - 10 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: Suntex International, Inc.

Zat Cat!

Ages: 5 - 9 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: Scholastic Inc./Scholastic Press
ISBN: 0439273161
Amzon Product Link: Zat Cat!

Zee Is Not Scared

PartNumber: 9780618439317
Zee is furious. His parents are watching a scary movie on TV, but he isnt allowed to join them. His father says he would have nightmares. Zee is sure he wouldnt, and he has a plan to show his parents just who is scaredhell dress up as a ghost! But things dont quite turn out as planned. Zees mother and father are so frightened that they dont seem to recognize Zee under his sheet! This charming, not-too-scary ghost story featuring a little zebra with a big personality and his affectionate parents is sure to delight all young children and their families.

Zeke Pippin

PartNumber: colour illustrations

Bitterly disappointed when his family falls asleep as he plays his newfound harmonica, a spirited young pig runs away'only to undergo harrowing adventures before he, with the aid of his magical sleep-inducing harmonica, can be reunited with his loving family.

Even a piece of garbage can change your whole life. One morning Zeke Pippin, a young pig, is moseying down the street when a harmonica falls off of a garbage truck, right in front of him. He takes it home, cleans it, and begins to play up a storm. He is a natural, soon regaling his family with the prelude to La Traviata. His family is very proud of him, but they instantly fall asleep upon hearing his tranquilizing tune. Zeke is indignant at their apparent rudeness and runs away from home, drifting down the Hinkaholly River on his trusty raft. Eventually, as he zeezles and zoozles on his harmonica, he notices that, judging by the effect his music has on other animals, he is in possession of a supernatural, sleep-inducing instrument. Zeke is sheepish. He can't believe he doubted the manners--the very integrity--of his family, who by now must miss him horribly: "He knew he must bring them a surcease of their sorrow, as swiftly as possible, and clear up this painful misunderstanding." Getting home, however, is not easy, and as it turns out, downright dangerous, but he successfully bamboozles his way until he finally faints upon the doormat of home sweet home. Zeke's family is overjoyed, and soon their boy becomes famous (more celebrated than the mayor) and everyone lives happily, musically ever after. William Steig's simple, expressive, comically deadpan drawings earned him a Caldecott Medal for Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, (link to 067166154X) and Zeke Pippin, Steig's 25th book for children, deserves a beloved place right next to it on the bookshelf. (Age 4 to 104) --Karin Snelson

Zen Benders

Ages: 8 & Up
Publisher/Producer: Out of the Box
Amzon Product Link: Zen Benders

Zen Shorts

Ages: 4 - 8 yrs.
Author: Dianne Hess
Publisher/Producer: Scholastic Inc./Scholastic Press
ISBN: 0-439-33011-1
Amzon Product Link: Zen Shorts

Zeus on the Loose

Ages: 8 & Up
Publisher/Producer: Gamewright
Amzon Product Link: Zeus on the Loose

Ziggy Zaggy Road

Number of discs: 1

Zimbbos! Elephantastic Pyramids

Ages: 3 & Up
Publisher/Producer: Denmay Inc. dba Blue Orange USA
Amzon Product Link: Zimbbos! Elephantastic Pyramids

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin

Ages: 4 - 8 yrs.


Ages: 4 - 18 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: ThinkFun Inc.
Amzon Product Link: Zingo

Zip Zap

This is a number sequencing game that is played quickly. No turn taking. Everyone plays at once and tries to be the first to put down the number that comes next that is of a matching color. If you happen to have a wild card, so much the better--you still need the right number, but it can be played on any color. So there are two attributes at play here. A good choice for 6 & up.


Ages: 8 - 12 yrs.
Publisher/Producer: National Cattlemen's Beef Association and Circle 1 Network
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