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PartNumber: Liposack
Use the LipoSack to give you peace of mind while you charge or store your lithium polymer batteries. The LipoSack is a high-tech bag made of a space-age, fire-retarding material. Put your lipo battery inside the LipoSack??? bag and if it starts on fire the Lipo Sack is designed to mitigate the effects of a Lithium-Polymer battery charing mishap. You must read and understand the LipoSack important use and safety instructions document (available on the LipoSack web site and included with the product) before using the LipoSack. The makers of LipoSack and Draganfly Innovations Inc. assume no liability for any damages of any kind. Remember to always comply with lipoly charging and safety guidelines and never leave charging or damaged lipo batteries unattended - even when using the LipoSack. Avoid damage to the LipoSack. Replace the LipoSack if it gets ripped, worn or is involved in a battery failure. Do not use the LipoSack if it is damaged. The LipoSack is a great addition to your RC hobby inventory. Lipo Safety... It's In The Bag! LiPoSack Technical Information * Size: 9in x 12in (22.9cm x 30.5cm) * Weight: 10oz (284g) * Color: Off-white * Max Cells: Up to 6 Lithium Polymer Cells (total) * Quality: 100% hand-made in the USA * Use when: charging, storing, transporting, traveling etc. Guarantee from the Manufacturer: If your LipoSack is involved in a failure resulting in a venting of the battery and fire return it to by contacting with a statement of the circumstances and LipoSack??? will send you a replacement LipoSack free of charge! This guarantee is through the manufacturer (LipoSack). Do not send in your damaged LipoSack to Draganfly Innovations.